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Pose Barre Teacher Training On Demand Course

  • 365Days
  • 36Steps


This 12 module course is designed to help you become a Barre teacher under the Pose Barre brand. You will learn the following principles of Barre training - 1. Welcome & Introduction 2. Taking a Pose Barre class 3. What is Barre & Ballet, a brief history & terminology 4. Ballet positions & the basic Barre 5. Beginners Ballet course 6. Anatomy & physiology 7. Exercise & music 8. Pose Barre exercises 9. Pose Barre stretches 10. Pose Barre choreography 11. Setting up a Pose Barre class 12. Assessment criteria & next steps You will continue to have access to continued course support and development when you continue with licensing after your course. To continue though your course you will need to sign up to our licensing agreement which also gives you access to our history of Barre choreography. You will be guided to this on the first step and throughout your course to choose between monthly or yearly payments. Don't worry you get a FREE 30 day trial to complete your course and submission during that time if you should wish to. Please note that you will be charged the agreed amount on day 30 of your plan so ensure you are signed up to the right programme for you. Terms of programme: by signing up to this programme you adhere to our full terms, whether or not you continue to teach as a Pose Barre licensed teacher or not. Contract terms found at Let's get to the Barre!

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