What our teachers have to say about Pose Barre and what they have gained from the programme.



I decided to do the Pose Barre course after seeing a video clip of the class itself. I was intrigued and loved the look of it. I only came from a fitness background and not dance, it wasn't a problem though. The course was really good, very hands on good training, learning lots about the correct ballet technique. I actually loved watching Sarah teach, she's very inspiring when you see her in action. Feel like the course was very personal and I liked it. Would highly recommend other instructors to join the Pose Barre tribe. The choreography is lovely too.


After completing my Yoga teacher training at the beginning of last year. I was looking for a new challenge and a course that would compliment my Yoga teaching. I cannot recommend Pose Barre training enough, Sarah is an amazing teacher and mentor, offering support and encouragement during the course and after. The classes are so much fun and my fitness and strength have improved so much. The community that Sarah has set up of Pose Barre teachers is so supportive and lovely to be a part of.