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Is Pose Barre suitable for anyone?

Absolutely! Pose Barre is designed for people will all levels of fitness and any background! 

Where can I find my local Pose Barre class?

The fastest way to find your local Pose Barre class is to check out our class finder HERE!

Can anyone become a Pose Barre teacher?

The teaching programme is open to anyone who has first gained one of the follow pre-requisite qualifications - 

Level 2 fitness instructor or exercise to music instructor 

Level 3 personal trainer 

Level 3 mat Pilates instructor 

200hr Yoga teacher 

Ballet teacher with relevant teaching qualifications 

If you are not sure if you are eligible, please contact us below. 

Can I teach Pose Barre anywhere?

You can set up your own Pose Barre classes anywhere along with LIVE online too! 

Fitness and dance centres can host your classes for you but you must ensure they are using the branding correctly as per your licensing agreement. If you would rather the gym or studio work with us directly then they can do so for a one time fee of £50. 

Pose Barre do not allow physical classes to take place within 10 miles Pose HQ (NN7 4PS - United Kingdom) and recording of Pose Barre choreography for external use is STRICTLY prohibited. Short videos of 60 seconds are allowed  to be showcased for advertising purposes. 

Are there any continued fees once I have certified with Pose Barre as a Teacher?

Once qualified as a Pose Barre instructor you will have all the tools that you need to complete your very own Pose Barre classes in the UK. We release new choreography every month for you to use for your classes and can play them to your own music or our recommended playlists. Our latest track recommendations are from Pure Energy music and you do not need to pay additional fees once purchased to play them in person or online. (please note you will need a separate PPL licence to play music if you choose to use licensed music). 

There are two ways that you can make payment to Pose Fitness Limited…

Monthly by online account payment 

£12.00 a month. You are able to cancel this with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.

Yearly by online account payment 

£120.00 per year.


You are able to cancel this between each release with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.

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