The Pose Barre training & choreography has helped me progress as a more confident instructor while teaching me the ballet fundamentals expected by my classes!

Maz, Pose Barre Teacher


At Pose Barre, we want our instructors to leave our training feeling like they have a great knowledge of ballet based fitness! It is our mission to get as many people moving and taking Barre classes as possible! 

That's where you come in and we want to give you all the tools necessary! Take a look at our training and get in touch to see if we are the right fit for you! 

Ready to take a 'grande jeté' into Pose Barre training? Find out if you are eligible for funding....


Course Objectives 

Summary Of Course Materials & What You Expect To Learn

During our 8 hour online training which is split into 4 sets of 2 hour sessions over 2 days, learners will be completing the following modules - 

  1. An introduction to Barre and ballet 

  2. Teaching fundamentals 

  3. Ballet terminology 

  4. Anatomy, Posture & Placement (short re-cap)

  5. Counting Music (short re-cap) 

  6. Pose Barre Exercises (an opportunity for some practical work) 

  7. Pose Barre Stretching (an opportunity for some practical work)

  8. Pose Barre Choreography (notes, videos, assisted by tutor) 

  9. Being a Poser! 

  10. Getting certified

Once the 8 hour training is completed, learners are required to send in a video submission of them teaching a Pose Barre class to fully complete their qualification. 




This training course is designed to help bridge the gap between dance and fitness. For those with experience of exercise to music or dance it can be supportive in helping the individual in your class with no understanding of dance based movement. For those with experience of fitness but no ballet, we will provide you with the knowledge and vocabulary that is expected by your class.  This is where most fitness instructors feel out of their comfort zone in barre. We will show you the tricks and pointers that dancers use to finish off movement which can be exciting to a class and want them to take part more often. 

Pre-requisites for Pose Barre*  - 

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music / Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Full Ballet Teaching Certification

  • Pilates Teacher

  • Yoga Teacher

*Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about this being the course for you.



Training Courses Fees

8 hour training course - £195



Pose Barre Licensing by Pose Fitness Limited

Once qualified as a Pose Barre instructor you will have all the tools that you need to complete your very own Pose Barre classes in the UK. We release new choreography each quarter for you to use for your classes and can play them to your own music or our recommended playlists (please note you will need a separate PPL licence to play music if your gym doesn’t already for you) 

There are two ways that you can make payment to Pose Fitness Limited…

Monthly by online account payment 

£12.00 a month. You are able to cancel this with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.


Yearly by online account payment 

£120.00 per year. You are able to cancel this between each release with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.


Partnered Studios That Are Licensed To Teach Pose Barre

Should you wish to teach in a gym or studio then they will need to be partnered with Pose Barre already or be willing to undergo an application process to partner with us. As a centre that can teach Pose Barre, we ensure that they are suitable for our classes and that they are working under a contract with us. There is NO FEE to gyms or studios to host our classes, just a prior agreement with Pose Barre to support the brand and our qualified teachers in a supportive manner should they be successful in their application.   


Please ask us for a list of these or contact us should you need to discuss a new gym registering with us.


PLEASE NOTE - Pose Barre is licensed under Pose Fitness Limited and you are not allowed to teach the choreography without adequate licensing from Pose Fitness Limited. Course fees are subject to change and adaption with 3 months notice. 



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