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Hey Poser! 


Well done for completing the first step of your training with Pose Barre! We are excited to welcome you to our community and hope that you enjoy working with us. As we want to make sure that our whole community are taken care of and that we keep the brand of Pose Barre strong and supportive to all! 


Being Certified

Pose barre teachers need to be fully certified by us to use our name, branding and copyrighted choreography. This is to ensure we know who you all are and so that we can advertise your classes for you too.  We give you lots of freebies to help you on your Pose Barre journey too with this! If you are teaching a Barre class for a centre which is not partnered with us, you are NOT allowed to teach our choreography or us our name and branding. (See below) 


Partnered Centres

Along with needing to be certified, you are also not allowed to teach a Pose Barre programme at a centre which is not partnered with Pose Barre. The reason we ask centres to partner with us is because they will be the ones charging for the class we and we need to make sure they are also abiding by our brand guidelines. There is an administration charge for partnership with Pose Barre which is explained more at  www.posebarre.co.uk/partnership. This does NOT include you teaching your own classes in a hired hall. You can do this without clearing with Pose Barre but we do ask for you to send us the details so we can add the class to our directory.

Virtual Pose Barre

You are permitted to run as many LIVE online classes of Pose Barre as you wish through your chosen streaming partner EXCLUDING Facebook and Instagram lives. Recording sessions is not permitted, please see below. 

Recording Pose Barre

Pre-recordings of Pose Barre choreography for over 60 seconds is strictly prohibited other than for recording assessment work. The option to use videos of up to 60 seconds is set in place to help you advertise your classes. This could be a range of moves edited together or one full minute of a class.


Keeping Up To Date With Pose Barre

All of our Pose Barre releases are designed to be showcased quarterly and you will be informed by email or through the portal when it is time to release new material to your classes. You will have a minimum of 2 weeks with new choreography before the release date and you are expected to use this for 3 months, allowing room in the final month to bring back old choreography from our library. This is set to ensure consistency throughout the UK with our programme and to best support the Pose community of students. 


Pose Barre Subscription Payments

Our Pose Barre subscription platform is managed and run by Wix payment plans. You will be signed up with either a credit/debit card or PayPal. Should your card details change or should you have issues with your PayPal account, you will need to contact us by email at hello@posebarre.co.uk to ensure your subscription continues. Sometimes this happens without you realising so we will make contact with you should we notice a problem with your payment if we don't hear from you first. Remember you are not certified to teach our classes without subscription. 


Leaving Pose Barre

We won’t lie to you, losing you from our team of Posers would be the worst thing that could happen to us! If you decide to cancel your Pose Barre teacher subscription then we will drop you an email to check in with you and make sure we can't support you more before you leave us. However if you decide that it’s still the best thing for you then we will wish you all the best and wait eagerly for you to come back to us!  Without subscription to Pose Barre however you will not be able to use any of our choreography, name or branding.


Sharing Pose Barre

The use of Pose Barre manuals and subscriptions are for your use only and should not be shared with anyone who is not certified by Pose Barre. 


Thank you, we are so excited to have your as part of our Pose Barre Community!