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Terms of Becoming a Pose Barre Teacher...


This training course is designed to help bridge the gap between dance and fitness. For those with experience of exercise to music or dance it can be supportive in helping the individual in your class with no understanding of dance based movement. For those with experience of fitness but no ballet, we will provide you with the knowledge and vocabulary that is expected by your class.  This is where most fitness instructors feel out of their comfort zone in barre. We will show you the tricks and pointers that dancers use to finish off movement which can be exciting to a class and want them to take part more often. 

Pre-requisites for Pose Barre*  - 

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music / Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Full Ballet Teaching Certification

  • Pilates Teacher

  • Yoga Teacher

*Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about this being the course for you.

Please note: Pose Barre is an exercise to music class and you will be required to count and move to the beat. 


Pose Barre Licensing by Pose Fitness Limited

Once qualified as a Pose Barre instructor you will have all the tools that you need to complete your very own Pose Barre classes in the UK. We release new choreography every month for you to use for your classes. If you want to use our recommended music then you will need to download it from Pure Energy or use the Pure Energy Go app. Remember if you want to use other music then you may need to purchase a separate PPL/PRS licence to play music if your gym doesn’t already do this for you. 

There are two ways that you can make payment to Pose Fitness Limited…

Monthly by online account payment 

£12.00 a month. You are able to cancel this with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.

Yearly by online account payment 

£120.00 per year.


You are able to cancel this between each release with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Pose Barre fitness classes if you choose to do this.

Please note that we DO NOT allow classes to take place teaching Pose Barre within 10 miles of Pose Fitness Studios. Recording of Pose Barre choreography for external use is STRICTLY prohibited. Short videos of 60 seconds are allowed  to be showcased for advertising purposes. 


Dance, Fitness & Wellness Centres

With your Pose Barre licence you are allowed to teach classes in any centre that is supportive of Pose Barre classes. They do not need to register with us but do need to use the correct branding which can be supplied by yourself or can be obtained from us at HQ. Classes advertised by your centre will be guided by you and must be done so correctly, with full respect of the Pose Barre brand. Those found to not be upholding out brand guidelines may be liable. If you would like to remove yourself from this then you will need to ensure that the gym or studio works directly with us and will need to pay a one off administration fee of £50.


PLEASE NOTE - Pose Barre is a licensed and trademarked brand name. You are not allowed to teach the choreography without adequate licensing from Pose Barre or use the brand name to advertise your classes. Course fees are subject to change and adaption with 3 months notice. 

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