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Hey Partner! 


We are so glad you have made the decision to join us and host Pose Barre classes a your gym or studio. As we want to make sure that our whole community are taken care of and that we keep the brand of Pose Barre strong and supportive to all, here are a few terms to your agreement with Pose Barre.


Please confirm you understand the following conditions - 

I/we have have the necessary insurance to host Pose Barre classes. 


I am/we are NOT allowed to pre-record any Pose Barre programmes for social media OF ANY KIND other than up to 60 seconds for promotional use.

Pose Barre classes must be covered by a certified Pose Barre teacher therefore I/we have access to enough teachers to support Pose Barre classes.

I/we will only use Pose Barre branding to advertise classes and will ask Pose Barre if I/we need further support. Branding used incorrectly, misuse of the Pose Barre trademark and anything detrimental to the Pose Barre brand may result in our partnership being closed or legal action being taken against us. 

Pose Barre classes being ran at the below confirmed venue MUST be named a Pose Barre on all advertising materials and timetables. Should you allow teaching of Pose Barre classes without use of the name then you will in breach of this contract. I/we confirm that NO classes will take place unless correctly named under the Pose Barre brand. 

I/we will ensure that records up to date and make sure that nothing has changed in our agreement. 

Should I/we not renew this application every year I/we should not be running Pose Barre classes and could face legal action. 

My/our administration fee will be paid within 7 days of invoice each year. 


Thank you, we are so excited to have your as part of our Pose Barre Community!